Why Invest in Uruguay

  • Uniform rainfall throughout the year (An average of 1300 mm/year)
  • Located above the surface of the Aquifer Guarani, the second largest known aquifer system in the world
  • Temperate climate with four seasons that allows two annual harvests (winter and summer)
  • Access to logistic hubs for exporting (Montevideo and Nueva Palmira)

Sustained growth in the price of land (CAGR ́2000-2019: 11.16%) due to:

  • Favorable international macroeconomic conditions
  • Increase in direct foreign investment in the sector
  • Increased technology in the Uruguayan agricultural sector
  • Favorable cycles in commodity prices (soybean, corn, beef and pulp)
  • A scarce natural resource and a preferred asset for preserving capital
  • The national law of the Use and Management of Water and Soil Regulations (Law 18,564)
  • National Commission for the Agronomic Study of the Land (“CONEAT” – Law 13,695)
  • Country 100% mapped and digitally available
  • Soil classification based on the Land Productivity Index (“CONEAT index”)
  • Information available on completed transactions (National Colonization Institute)
  • Local presence of companies that operate in the international meat and grains market
  • Direct investment of international pulp companies in the country
  • 100% traceability of livestock
  • Access to the largest global meat markets

Other Competitive Advantages

About Uruguay

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